Nearly New Sales

Babies and children seem to need so much stuff: and much of it you don’t even need for that long. BATS’ twice-yearly Nearly New Sales are a great way to pick up a bargain and make sure that useful stuff gets a new lease of life.

We hold Nearly New Sales in April and November each year. The proceeds from this sale will be donated to Ukraine. Vector Country Flag of Ukraine - Heart | Vector World Flags

The next Nearly New Sale will be held on:

Saturday 30th April 2022 at 2:00-3:30 pm

At the The Paget Rooms, Penarth.

£1.50 entrance fee for adults.

Click here to request a seller’s pack.



Coming along to buy

We only allow good-quality items to be sold. Come along to find:

  • clothing – baby and children’s clothing (sorted into age groups so you can find what you are looking for) plus maternity wear
  • baby equipment such as bouncy chairs, bedding, highchairs, pushchairs and prams, cots, baths, sterilisers, etc
  • children’s toys, books and DVDs.

Please note that for safety reasons we do not allow child car seats to be sold at the Nearly New Sale.

The sales are always popular, with over 300 people coming each time. The queue starts to build well in advance!

BAGS: Please bring your own carrier bags / bags for life to the sale to take your items home. Please note that your bags will be checked at the till.

If you would like to sell goods at a Nearly New Sale, please use the link above to register or if you have any queries contact us at Following registration a pack will be sent out to include all the information you need to label and supply your items.

How it works if you’re selling

Please click here to request a seller’s pack. Sellers are allocated a reference number. You choose your own prices, then label and deliver your items to the Paget Rooms before the sale. (See below for information on large items, such as pushchairs.) Afterwards, you’ll need to pick up unsold items.

BATS retains 22.5% of the sale price to support BATS funds and our grants scheme. Each year we give generously to support local baby and toddler groups in the area. Your money will be paid to you by cheque a few weeks after the sale, minus a £2.50 admin fee to cover printing and postage costs etc. Please note that our Nearly New Sales are run wholly by volunteers, and are not for profit.

What we will sell

  • Good quality, nearly-new babies clothes
  • Good quality, nearly-new children’s clothes and footwear
  • Good quality baby equipment
  • Good quality toys and games
  • Good quality maternity wear

What we will not sell

  • Babies’ woollens
  • Damaged equipment
  • Stained or dirty clothes
  • Any car seats
  • Soft toys
  • Broken or incomplete toys

ANY ‘JUMBLE’ OR ITEMS WITHOUT A BATS STICKER WILL NOT BE DISPLAYED FOR SALE. We reserve the right to refuse to sell unsafe, unsuitable or broken items.


You will be issued with approx 64 labels; therefore, you can only enter 64 ‘items’ for the sale. You are welcome to bundle a number of articles together as a single ‘item’ for sale, eg several t-shirts, a pile of books or group of toys, as long as you fasten them together securely so it is clear what the label and price applies to. Each item or set of items must carry one of the BATS labels; anything which does not have a BATS label will not be displayed for sale.

Items may get knocked about as we load and unload them. It is your responsibility to attach the labels securely to your items; please cut them from the sheet and fix them to your items in a secure way, eg sew it on, sellotape or use safety pins. Please do not use sharp pins to attach labels.

On the label, you should write:

  • your reference number,
  • the price you want for the item (minimum price 50p; you may wish to fasten several small items together to sell as one item for this price),
  • if it is an item of clothing, include the age range/size.

Packaging your goods

Please sort clothes into age ranges, place them in a carrier bag/bin liner and sellotape a note of the age-range to the outside of the bag. Several carrier bags can be put in one bin-liner.

Please put clothes, equipment, books and toys in separate bin-liners for ease of sorting.

Make sure toys which have more than one part are secured together eg boxed, sellotape, inside a clear bag. We try our best to look after your goods but cannot be held liable for any losses.

Please make sure that all clothes (including baby clothes) are on hangers, as they will be displayed on rails. Clothes without hangers will not be displayed for sale. One black bag of clothing per seller.

Delivering your goods

All items must be delivered to the Paget Rooms on the day of the sale between 10.30am and 11.30am. Items will be displayed subject to space, so once the hall is full we may have to turn items away.

All unsold items must be collected from the Paget Rooms after the sale and between 4.30 and 5.30. Please bring your seller’s sheet with you when you collect to confirm your seller number.

Please note – any seller who does not collect their unsold items will not receive a seller’s cheque for any items sold, and their unsold items will be donated to charity. All uncollected items will be donated to charity a week following the sale. 

If you have any questions please e-mail us at

Check out these photos from our last sale!

image image image image image image image image image

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