BATS raises money to support its own activities and to donate to local causes which provide maternity care and help for parents with children under five.

Each year we award grants averaging £250. These range from a bottle warmer for a First Time Mums group to toys and equipment for playgroups, and grants to local schools to help with the Foundation Phase.

If you would like to apply for a grant, have a read through the grant guidelines below to see if your project fits the bill. If you think so, please e-mail

There’s no maximum or minimum grant, but in some cases we will make a grant of part of the sum requested.

Applications are reviewed at BATS committee meetings every 3-4 months, and recipients will need to report back on how the grant was spent.

What we will fund

  • Health/Antenatal support
  • Statutory and voluntary organisations
  • Antenatal support groups
  • Local groups working with sick children

We will make grants to individuals, for example to provide equipment or trips for children with special needs to improve quality of life. We support local groups to run community events and projects, and provide grants to support education, such as funding equipment for non-profit nursery and pre-school groups, libraries and other places where children attend, such as surgeries or hospital waiting rooms.


  • The beneficiaries must be based in the Penarth area i.e. Penarth, Llandough, Dinas Powys or Sully.
  • BATS will not fund running costs, and the total sum requested cannot exceed a group’s annual income.
  • Any group or individual can only apply once a year.
  • All successful grants will require a completed application form with details of project and budget, receipts, written feedback once the project is completed and a financial statement (if applicable).
  • If the grant is for an individual (eg equipment to support a child with a learning difficulty or physical impairment) proof of diagnosis of condition will be needed. The BATS secretary will request this once an award has been determined and it will only be seen by her and one other committee member. Any personal information provided will be treated in the strictest confidence.




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